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Duette Shades

Duette shades feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes these shades soft, durable, and highly energy efficient. The shades built-in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter. Highly versatile, Duetteshades are available in hundreds of colours and a wide variety of semi-opaque, and opaque fabrics. The perfect solution for windows of almost any size or shape.

The shades feature Child Safe systems including Smartcord, LiteRise, motorized systems, chain tensioner and cord cleat.

At a glance

  • energy saver
  • conservatories
  • room darkening

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Colours & materials

Duotone and Full tone

Duotone fabrics provide a white street side colour for enhanced solar reflection and consistent street side appearance. Full tone fabrics offer the same colour on the front and back.

Another option, our Duette shades, offer regular pleats at the front of the blind with a simple flat look at the back for an even, stable, and durable pleat pattern.

Product variations

25 mm

or small to medium-sized window and extremely suitable for mounting close to the glass. These Shades can even be mounted on sloping glazing beads of at least 8 mm deep.

32 mm

For a robust look for medium-sized and large windows, there are 32 mm wide Duette® Shades. Suitable for mounting on the window frame.

64 mm

Especially suitable for large windows.

64mm Architella

Enhance your comfort with the unique cell in cell construction.
Multiple layers of fabric improve insulation at the window. Create a beautifully even pleat and filter daylight to prevent colour and texture from fading.

Energy Saver

Discover in how you save energy and comfort with Luxaflex window coverings.

Skylight blinds

Duette Shades are particularly suited to cover skylights and conservatories.

Designed with Safety

Making products safer for homes is an integral part of our design philosphy.


Oprate your shades or blinds at the touch of a button – with a remote control operation or wall switch.